Folk Festival “Pokrovskije kolokola” in Vilnius

458x36410.-14. Oktember 2018 Folk Festival “Pokrovskije kolokola” in Vilnius
Vilnius Philharmonie

Pokrovskye Kolokola (Pokrov Bells) is an international festival, which in a short time managed to gain great authority not only in Lithuania, but also outside it and became one of the most prestigious festivals in Lithuania. It seems like it was yesterday. The first International Folklore Festival Pokrovskye Kolokola declared itself, trying to gather professionals from different countries, broke mistrust of skeptics, won the sympathy of Vilnius discerning audience. And today the festival is held for the thirteenth time. It is not so simple to become a member of the grand folk festival: foreign teams are sending their entries, which are monitored and selected by well-known folklorists; ensembles from Lithuania are participating in the preliminary competition. This is not surprising: the festival organizers require participants to perform the high standard of professionalism, invite only real heirs of the national traditions. This is not only masters’ principled approach; such requirements are dictated by the desire to present the best examples of folk art to multinational audience. It is no coincidence that performances are held on the most prestigious stages: at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, the Orthodox and Catholic churches, museums. Pokrovskye Kolokola is the only festival in the Baltic States, which annually asks composers to write in the style of World music.