Trull and Wolf

Ensemble Polynushka & Natascha Bondar
Ancient songs, legends and fairy tales from the Russian villiages
(performable in German and Russian)

Doesn’t it sound familiar, an old woman is sitting in a room and telling her stories and fairy tales in candlelight, however if you listen more closely, you’ll understand, that those contain a whole wisdom of a nation. At harvest, while praying or celebrating, each of the occasions is an occasion to sing in a Russian villiage.

Ensemble Polynushka is gathering those old songs in its own empirical research and tries to maintain the unusual singing techniques of Russian farmers and monks.

Through music of the antique rituals and the tales of baba (meaning ‘woman’, or, specifically, ‘old woman’) the audience gets a chance to reach the width oft he Russian soul. Thus the old Russia, including its songs, dances and stories can be seen and experienced more intensively also by German spectators.

Panda-Theater, Berlin