Adventkirche Berlin, Danziger Str. 201-203, 10407 Berlin , Samstag, 12.11.2022, 19.30
In this concert, traditional Ukrainian and Russian songs by the vocal ensemble Polynushka are combined with baroque laments and new compositions by the LAMENTO PROJECTS (violin, bandoneon, bass viol and bandoneon). Their music tells of sadness and hope, loss and love, of suffering, grief and the confidence in life. Touching, comforting and authentic, the musicians from over ten different countries make an artistic statement for solidarity and peace.

"TRÄNEN" is the premiere of the musical collaboration between Polynushka and Lamento Project, stands in the tradition of the idea of ​​MUSIK im DIALOG and is funded by the culture department of the Pankow district.

Catherine Aglibut, Claudio Puntin, Ulrike Becker, Christian Gerber, Elisabeth Rudi, Veronika Massold, Anna Paszkievic, Deniza Popova, Stepan Grekov, Diana Labinska, Tatiana Samokhvalova, Yulia Smirnova, Liudmila Chalykh